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October 27, 2019


 Infant Incubator | YP-90AB Product Introduction ●  Two control modes: Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer; ●  Set temperature, Air temperature, Baby temperature are […]
October 27, 2019


Infant Incubator | YP-100AB Product Introduction ● Air mode control, set temperature and air temperature are displayed separately; ●  Passive humidification;   ●  Multiple failure alarm indications; […]
October 26, 2019


Patient Monitor | Gemini   Multiple parameter options satisfy the need for ICU,CCU,NICU. Anesthesia Patient Monitor   Technical Specifications   Display 15.6”/17”/19”TFT Touch screen Resolution: 1366 x […]
October 25, 2019


Patient Monitor | Virgo   12.1”color TFT LCD screen,wide and flat screen design, economic and reliable Configuration ECG+SpO2+NIBP+2TEMP+PR+RESP, Li-ion battery Optional Masimo SpO2, IBP, CO2, Thermal recorder, […]
October 22, 2019


Pisces Bed-side Patient Monitor 12.1” color TFT LCD screen 8 waveform display,up to 12-lead ECG analysis Powerful calculation(Hemodynamic,Dose,Oxygenation,Ventilation) Pacemaker detection ST & arrhythmia analysis OxyCRGs Various […]